About Laurel

Laurel House… Editor/ Your Quickie Chick

First, to address the elephant in the room: Yes, we all know what a “quickie” is (and that’s in here too), but this is more than that; it’s a lifestyle. Just as “quickies” are fun, exciting, sometimes unconventional, resourceful, efficient, sexy, quick, in the moment, and always (or almost always) instantly gratifying… so are LifeQuickies. These aren’t long overdrawn processes that require prep-work, expensive equipment, patience and perseverance. They are right now. LifeQuickies are all about getting the most out of every now moment, while being aware of the direction in which you are going, and occasionally allowing yourself to take a look back in the rearview mirror at the path you have carved and the distance you have come and enjoy the view. Oh, and it’s all done on a budget (because you don’t need to be wined, dined and stay in a 5 star hotel to have a quickie… do you?). In the end, every experience, break up, lost job, screw up, embarrassment, success… (yes, even bummers have benefits) they all have a “net net,” a takeaway, an extracted message… a quickie lesson you can learn that just might change your mind, your path, or simply give you a different perspective, tweak your way of thinking, or make life (or just the task at hand) a little easier. Even beyond the fun and fast, LifeQuickies are about seeing and embracing the upside of down- the lesson from the ugh or even crushing experience, it’s about knowing that even bummers have benefits- the things that might not be so fun to experience, but leaves you with a positive lesson long-term.