#beautiful #hike in St Barth’s today. No, it’s not just a wild #party scene for the #beautiful, #rich, #famous and #fabulous (though they are here too… but not on my hike). Hikers, kite boarders, and people looking to escape for a bit come here too. I came to clear my mind and write. #StBarths (at St. Barths)

DailyQuickie: What do you wear to an Business Party? It seems like a contradiction! In general, I like to combine couture with budget, discreet with bright. Why? To pop and make an impression, letting people remember that you were there, wearing a piece that will stick in their mind, without being obnoxious. Simultaneously, that piece should be consistent with your personality. For me… it’s often pink, super high heels.

Here’s a bit more about what I mean:

If you’re anything like me, you still haven’t completed your holiday gift list. News flash: time is ticking… You’ve got 2 weeks.

Whatever your reason/excuse is, the fact remains that you have last-minute gifts to buy and you need some fab ideas STAT. Well, I compiled a list of gifts that I would want/want to give. Feel free to buy them too. Oh, and if you’re like me and your mom/BFF/BF are asking what YOU want for the holidays, you can forward this list to them… That’s what I’m doing.

Here’s a fab list of gifts for:
Beauty Products Obsessed
Total Foodie
Fitness Fanatic
Your BFF